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We’re homeowners!

We signed the mounds of paperwork yesterday afternoon to be the official owners of this house! We couldn’t be happier with this gem we found – a newer home in an older, established neighborhood. Just what we wanted!

After signing, we promptly headed out for a celebratory drink. Ironically, we bumped into a group of friends, so we made it a big celebration!

Even though we don’t have anything packed up yet, we sped back home to pick up the pups and some goods for a quick dinner and headed over to our humble abode.

We ate tacos on the floor of our empty living room.

Toasted to our new home with a couple of beers.

Showed the pups their new home.

Attempted to take family pictures in the mirror.

Then we drudged back home wishing we had everything packed up.

We promise we’ll keep updating you with more pictures of our new home as we move in and get settled!

To start your weekend, here’s my favorite picture of the week. I have no idea how she didn’t fall. 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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